Catch Jully Black's 'Fever'


"Seven Day Fool" singer Jully Black has admittedly caught a "Fever," but throughout her latest song, you won't hear her asking for medication to remedy her condition.

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Instead, the Canadian singer croons approvingly that she "Can't lie, I get a rush / Each time our bodies touch" and waxes poetic about "Sparks like the Fourth of July." Yes, Miss Black is in love and she's letting everyone know on this YoungPete Alexander-produced track.

The throwback feel harks back to the days of Motown (surely not a coincidence, given the #NewMotown hashtag on the SoundCloud post). The song is made even more vintage with the cutesy chorus: "Since I met you / Boy, now my world it's got no meaning / I've got sunshine / All four seasons." She continues, revealing that he's "Got my temperature risin' / No reason / You give me that fire, boy / That fever."

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"Fever" already has feel-good vibes and great sing-along potential, not to mention a nice, slick produced feel that still tributes some nostalgia. The track appears on her forthcoming album, The LP, but is available now on Amazon and iTunes.

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