Brayton Bowman Falls 'Deep' In Love With The Help Of MNEK

Brayton Bowman Skin Deep Cover

Everybody knows that love and music go hand in hand. By the looks of it, two of our favorite young crooners have found a special way to blend the two while creating an incredible sound for us to jam to, and we’re not mad at it at all. We have been fawning over our Bounce-Worthy friend Brayton Bowman for months now, and apparently MNEK has been, too. The two met in New York City this past August and spent a bit of time writing with Tré Jean-Marie. The final outcome is Bowman’s new single, entitled “Skin Deep.”

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You would think these two would pen a passionate love song together, but instead they’re telling the tale of a failed dating app hook up. “Skin Deep” finds Bowman singing about the failure of trying to find a serious relationship on Tinder, while MNEK’s signature production sound plays as the backdrop. MNEK even blesses the track with a slight hint of his background vocals at one point. Bowman is appropriately calling this sound a perfected combination of “sass, stank and soul.” Find out for yourself if you’re into what these two are serving up by getting into this free SoundCloud stream, as we continue bumping MNEK’s new Small Talk EP and preparing our hearts and minds for anything else this duo may have in store for this year.

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