Tinashe's Reveals Her Sign Is Sultry In ‘Aquarius Season’ Video


Happy birthday, Tinashe! The proud Aquarius celebrated turning 22 on Friday, but instead of receiving presents she gifted fans with a new music video. “Aquarius Season” — a play on the name of the title track from her debut album Aquarius — finds the singer-dancer expanding her résumé into director and editor roles.

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The sultry cut offers plenty of hypnotic cooing, but viewers will truly be in a trance once they glimpse the clip, which looks as though it was filmed on a camera phone or some other low-resolution device. It’s a bit choppy, the angles are awkward and the special effects are the basics found on computer editing program.

But those will do little to keep folks from ogling the young star as she embraces her sex appeal — on full display here as she writhes around a bed and hardwood floor, playfully bites on her finger and grinds against the wall. Add an outfit missing a midriff — a must for displaying tight abs — and you’ve got a soft-core showcase that will have teenage boys hitting the replay button on YouTube.

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The sexy mood is effectively channeled in the clip and gives the often-flirtatious star (at least in videos) a chance to show off her goods — and another reason why the stars are aligning for R&B’s red-hot act.

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