Sevyn Streeter & Chris Brown Bring The 'Fun' In Her Latest Video

Sevyn Streeter Chris Brown DKTF Still

Sevyn Streeter's latest single, "Don't Kill the Fun," is filled with good time vibes as the singer begged us not to stop the good times from rolling (in more ways than one, if you catch our drift). It's fitting, then, that for the track's video Sevyn and collaborator Chris Brown throw one big party.

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In the clip, which is also directed by Chris, we see Sevyn and her purplish-gray hair strut around a set soaked in neon colors and graffiti as the singer drag races, flirts, teases and even busts out some dance moves to the breezy track. Speaking of Breezy, he also gets some time to shine as he dances and pals around with Sevyn without overshadowing her shine.

All in all, it's a pretty solid effort from Sevyn. Even better, it's a good look for the first single from her forthcoming album. While you'll have to wait until later this year to get your hands on that, you can check out the video for "Don't Kill the Fun" right here and pick up the single on iTunes.

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