Mya Invites You To Her ‘Love Elevation Suite’


Valentine’s Day is becoming “Mya Releases An Album Day,” as 2015 marks the second consecutive year that the songstress has dropped a love-themed EP. Last year it was the With Love set, which reintroduced Miss Mya to the masses, and this year’s collection, Love Elevation Suite, features five tracks to keep the momentum going.

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Included on the compilation is “Space,” a tune that appeared on With Love, but is heard here as an extended version that features a rap from AGuyNamedCliff. There’s also “Love Elevation Suite (Intro),” a short interlude that finds some Spanish thrown in the mix to set the sensuous mood.

But from there listeners will get served with three full and completely new tracks.

“On One” finds Mya riding high while under the influence of her man’s love. “Made love to my mind / Now I’m elevated / I’m no longer the same / You’ve got me changin’ / You’re just a big ball of temptation / Now I’m contemplatin’,” goes a verse right before the chorus reveals a “hit” and “sip” of his love has her feeling “faded” and “tipsy.” The tune eases into sensual moans that may make listeners feel awkward given the slow-burning beat’s fusion with a nursery rhyme melody.

A tempo change can be found on “Patience,” a more organic piece of music that stresses the “good things come to those who wait” message. Mya purrs her way through the modern-day “Let’s Wait a While,” all the while being honest about her love of a soft caress but also preaching people today are always in a rush — and that certain pleasures are best when lovers “take it slow.” But a balance is found in the guitar strumming that accompanies the slow-to-mid-tempo drums, giving “Patience” a romantic feel.

Initially, the lyrics from “The Truth” sound like they are coming from that “we’re friends but now we’re becoming lovers” mold. But Mya’s point seems to be about appreciation, pointing out that her man is “something else.” She appreciates his looks, but especially appreciates his heart. She longs to be “anywhere next to you” because that’s “just where I belong.” She’s all about him not trying “to hide it,” because “you’re the truth.” And it’s convincing, as the simple melody and handclaps support her message that “I choose you every time.”

Her sixth independent release, Love Elevation Suite offers more in the lane of Mya’s recent sound that will please fans and lure in a few new ones.

Mya Love Elevation Suite [Amazon][iTunes]

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