Make No Mistake About Adeline Michèle’s ‘Redo’


Adeline Michèle is one busy lady. Not only does she serve as a sometimes fashion correspondent and full-time bass player for the house band on The Meredith Vieira Show, the lead singer of Escort is prepping work on the band’s next album and working on her solo EP.

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To get the party started, she’s begun promoting her song “Redo.” Co-written by Escort member JKriv, the pair re-ignites the disco-funk sound delivered on 2011’s “Another Night.” This is one stone-cold jam that fits as comfortably between Chic’s “Soup for One” and Wish feat. Fonda Rae’s “Touch Me (All Night Long)” as it does alongside contemporary retro efforts from the likes of Daft Punk (specifically the Pharrell and Nile Rodgers-produced cuts) and Chromeo. The catchy hook will surely evoke sing-alongs on the dance floor, where most will appreciate what is has to offer in the form of a groovy bass line and synth play.

But “Redo” is also a song to be sung and Adeline Michèle made sure to give guests at her  job a performance to remember. Taking the stage on The Meredith Vieira Show, she performed the tune to an on-their-feet audience. She definitely hit the high notes, giving the crowd some vocal play outside of the backing tracks, which felt a little loud and overpowering at points. Still, she’ll get some well-deserved attention from the masses thanks to the shine the talk show host gave her. And we’ll patiently await the forthcoming EP, which will hopefully be filled with more party jams!

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