The Weeknd Shows 50 Shades Of Seduction In Visuals For 'Earned It'


The Weeknd just debuted the perfect video to avoid watching at work. For his latest single "Earned It," which lends an insane amount of sex appeal to the most likely sultry movie soundtrack for Fifty Shades of Grey, we guess you could say it's a little cheeky. In the dimly-lit visuals, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, The Weeknd hangs out in the Palace Theater in Los Angeles, where he's joined by eight scantily clad dancers. While he maintains a brooding look, as he does in most of his videos, we can't imagine he didn't enjoy the burlesque-inspired moves and skilled twerking. You can even catch the movie's star Dakota Johnson hanging on the stage in a bondage contraption we're sure was all types of uncomfortable. 'X' marks the spot in this video (watch the video to see what we mean) and while the hauntingly sexy single keeps you listening, the dancers keep you watching.

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The Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack features the likes of Beyoncé, Jessie Ware, Annie Lennox and more. The much-anticipated film debuts on February 13th and stars Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and singer Rita Ora. You can purchase "Earned It" on iTunes and, if you're the adventurous type, you can watch the racy visuals right here.

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