See The Light Of Phony Ppl's 'Why iii Love The Moon'

Phony Ppl Gray Background

It's been a minute since we've talked about the guys of Phony Ppl, but what better time than the present? The fellas are prepping to release their debut album, Yesterday's Tomorrrow, well...tomorrow. But before we prepare to dig into their new album, the gentlemen bring us a taste of what they're cooking up with new track "Why iii Love The Moon."

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"Moon" is yet another funky jam from the boys and finds the band singing about love as it relates to celestial bodies. Lead singer Elbie Thrie rides the piano-driven groove with confidence and a certain verve as he lists his reasons to love while also warning the listener to be careful of where they go looking for the elusive emotion. Meanwhile, the group's resident spitter, Sheriff PJ, let's loose a few contemplative bars to set the joint off right.

Withouht a doubt, "Why iii Love The Moon" is yet another reason to love this young, talented collective who always come correct. Be sure to pick up Yesterday's Tomorrow when it arrives in stores this Tuesday and take a listen to "Why iii Love The Moon" below.

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