Phony Ppl Hold An Audition For Their 'Baby'

phony ppl - baby meet my lover

If you've ever been to a casting call, then you know that they can bring out any and everybody. Phony Ppl found out for themselves in their latest video for "Baby, Meet My Lover." In the lighthearted clip, the Brooklyn crew holds an audition for ladies to appear in their video, and its only a matter of time before things turn into a party. The video hopefuls run the gamut, all shapes, sizes, colors and levels of flexibility. For their part, the guys seem to have a ball as they take in the auditioners. The video, directed by Antodote, is a fun companion to the song's playful vibe.

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If "Baby, Meet My Lover" sounds familiar to you, then its because we first told you about the song back in 2013 when it was featured on DJ Kitty Cash's Love the Free mixtape. Now, it resurfaces and gets an official release as part of Phony Ppl's debut and long-awaited LP, Yesterday's Tomorrow, which dropped earlier this month. Dig into this sunny clip and the head over to iTunes to support this talented bunch.

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