Kaytranada Introduces Us To The Internet's 'Girl'

The Internet Sitting On Steps

The year's just starting and yet we've already been bestowed with so many musical gifts that our speakers runneth over. And the musical treats keep coming, especially if you've been paying attention to the recent spate of DJ residencies going on at BBC Radio 1. They've nabbed a few notables to put their own spin on things, including Flying Lotus and James Blake. The most recent spinner was none other than our Canadian homeboy Kaytranada, and while he brought out some undeniable cuts, he also brought a little something new.

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Apparently, the producer and The Internet have been cooking in the lab, and he brought the finished product, "Girl," across the pond for its world premiere. The smooth, laid-back number finds the two entities sounds merging, with The Internet's cool vibe melding with Kaytra's electronic bump to form something altogether different. It provides a perfect soundbed for Syd Tha Kyd's whispery vocal as she seductively coos the verse and chorus, letting a young lady know that though others don't know her worth, she surely does.

As the fades the track out, he teases that the track should be releasing soon, though he doesn't know when exactly that could be. While it's surely not a definite enough date for us, we'll definitely be bumping this rip until that day comes. You can listen to "Girl" below, and check out Kaytranada's entire hour-long set here.

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