Childish Gambino Has A High Time In ‘Sober’

Childish Gambino Sober Still

Childish Gambino, aka actor/rapper/writer/funnyman/singer Donald Glover, had us wowed when he released the R&B single “Sober” last year. Lifted from his EP Kauai, the piano-driven track is everything right, from Gambino’s falsetto to the trap breakdown near the song’s end. But we surely didn’t expect a video for the song, let alone one as funny and fun as this one.

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In the clip, we see a young lady sitting in a late night takeout place waiting on her order as an obviously high (and slightly creepy looking) Gambino watches her and eventually walks over to sing along to the song on the radio. What starts out as every girl’s worst nightmare, though, turns into comic gold as the rapper/singer begins to act out lyrics, dance and even release a dove to get the young lady’s attention. And, although at first she wants nothing to do with him and his obviously lifted antics, she finds herself eventually cracking a smile and falling into his groove…right before she leaves him high and dry (both literally and figuratively) to grab her order and leave the establishment.

It’s perhaps one of the most awkward and funniest things we’ve seen in a while, and sure to warm up your funny bone during these chilly winter days. Take a peek below.

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