Miguel Delivers With A Surprise Stream Of New EP

Miguel Art Dealer Chic Wild

'Tis the season for surprise releases it seems. Just as we're recovering from D'Angelo's Black Messiah dropping on us out of nowhere, Miguel pulls the same trick days later, though this one is on a smaller scale. The singer/part-time acrobat is back on his Art Dealer Chic, dropping a three-track sampling for fans and music lovers everywhere.

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The EP, which has no officially announced title but is listed on a playlist on SoundCloud as "nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee.," is an eclectic look at where the diminutive R&B star is headed musically. "nwa," which features West Coast MC Kurupt, is all bass and Moroccan drums  with hazy guitar and synth flourishes, leading to a smoked-out, heady bedroom jam. Second track "hollywooddreams," on the other hand, finds Miguel expanding on the rock/R&B fusion sound of his track "Simple Things." This time, however, he's singing about the search for — and loss of — dreams in La La Land. "coffee," which Miguel previewed on Instagram, is simple jam about a wonderful night the ends with a cup of joe the next morning. The conversational tone and sweet sentiment of the song paired the slight rumble of electric guitar and Miguel's slight falsetto easily sets the mood.

There's no word on when the three songs will be available for download or when the singer will reveal the title of the collection. But for now, you can stream the just-under-10-minute set in its entirety right here.

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