Lion Babe Get Wild & Crazy On 'Jungle Lady'


We at SoulBounce HQ have been in love with Lion Babe for quite some time and were ecstatic when we got visuals for the Childish Gambino-featuring "Jump Hi." But imagine how loudly we squealed when the New York-based duo dropped "Jungle Lady" for our listening amusement.

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The tune's mellifluous melody is as soothing as it is tense, slithering through the wild, leaving handclaps in its tracks and odd poetry to the moon in its thoughts. Lucas Goodman's sensually crafted melody caresses Jillian Hervey's Erykah Badu-compared vocals, which bend jazzy neo soul nuances with a soft smoky rasp.

The elements all come together in the cooing chorus: "Tell me how you want it, baby / You know you need a jungle lady / Make me go wild and crazy / So let's move into the dark." If another reason was needed to be hyped about Lion Babe's self-titled EP, which is scheduled for release on December 15th, this one makes a fine candidate.

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