Coultrain Haunts Us With ‘Like A Dusty Piano’

Coultrain Cigarette Fedora

St. Louis native Coultrain has been telling the story of his character Seymour Liberty for years now and he’s set to add yet another chapter to the story with his upcoming album, Side Effex of Make Believe; divided for love’s sake. The singer has already given us a taste of the darker turn the narrative will take on the project with its lead single, “Kiss of Death,” and the story continues with the release of his latest single, “Like a Dusty Piano.”

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The song picks up where “Kiss of Death” left off, with Coultrain ruminating on a love that caused him more pain than joy in the long run. Over an incessant loop of piano and programmed kick and snare, the singer poetically laments the pain he’s in before wondering if and why he’s haunted by his lover’s memory. While the song’s subject matter might be morose, the singer’s vocals are not, as he uses a ragged delivery to get his point across on the verse and allows his layered falsetto to add a touch of sweetness on the track’s chorus.

We don’t know about you, but we’re most definitely interested in where exactly this story is headed. We’ll find out when Coultrain releases Side Effex of Make Believe; divided for love’s sake on December 21st. Until then, you can pre-order the six-track EP on Fresh Selects’ Bandcamp page and give “Like a Dusty Piano” a few spins right here.

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