Szjerdene’s ‘Stripped’ Version Of ‘Transits’ Will Move You


Bounce-Worthy UK vocalist Szjerdene has spent the last 18 months as a part of The North Borders Tour with electronica artist Bonobo and his live band. Yes, you read that correctly, a whole year and a half. More specifically, 18 months, 180,000 miles, 175 shows, in 30 countries across 3 continents. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Perhaps the frenetic pace and energy of being on the road prompted the chanteuse to take a break. Lucky for us, she slowed down long enough to create this minimalist take on “Transits,” recorded at Red Bull Studios Amsterdam.

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The original piece is a lush, synth-driven masterpiece, featuring instruments like the xylophone and guzheng (aka Chinese harp). That Szjerdene is able to remove all of these elements and still deliver this phenomenal performance is a true testament to her vocal talent. The sparse accompaniment of the keys (beautifully played by Yasmin Baker) allows the focus to remain on the ethereal singer. As she effortlessly glides over each note, the beauty of her lyrical interpretation takes the song to another realm. Take your pick of the audio or visual below and prepare to be entranced.

Szjerdene’s interpretation of another Bonobo collaboration, “Towers,” will be released on November 25th. We were lucky enough to catch the singer with Bonobo while they were stateside. If you happen to be in Europe or Asia and want to catch the last leg of the tour, get more information on Bonobo’s website. Ticketless fans can still tap into the live experience by purchasing The North Borders Tour. – Live available in various media formats via Ninja Tune.

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