Jean Grae Gets Sexy On Her '#5' EP

Jean Grae With Flowers Falling

Jean Grae has given us bars, books and a web series all within the past year, and now she’s switching her style up one more time and proving that she can literally do it all. Last week the South Africa native took to Instagram to announce a brand new EP. "Hi. I just dropped this new EP. I don't just do one type of thing. This is another type of thing,” she said. That "thing" that she’s mentioning, it’s actually some super sensual and smooth singing and we’re totally here for it. Jean’s #5 EP consists of five full length, body-roll-inducing, baby-making R&B records that feature her undeniable gift of producing, writing and singing.

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While “nothing,” “Joker” and “So Glad It’s Over” are solid, the very last two tracks of this project are the real stars here. “SFSC” is mysterious and its harmonies will haunt you even after the track ends. “underneathu,” believe it or not, evokes all of the sexy vibes of a Prince slow jam as Jean goes on and on about taking off her skirt and skipping work to slow it down and spend all of her time underneath her boo. Do yourself a favor and make your way over to Bandcamp to grab your very own copy of Jean Grae’s unexpectedly stellar #5 EP now.

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