Get Into MNEK's 'Rhythm'


We already know we have to stretch a little and clear space for a dance floor whenever MNEK comes out with a new single. The British singer/songwriter/producer continues to impress us with his newest track, "The Rhythm." The single offers plenty of dance and trance just in time for us to work off our upcoming holiday eating. Whether you have rhythm or not, the contagious synth-etic beat in the background will have you moving in no time. The 20-year-old singer lets us know from the beginning of "The Rhythm" that music is his stimulant, and it comes with some serious side effects. MNEK sings, "If I let the rhythm get to me / Then I don't know what I'll be / Think I just may lose my mind / If I let the rhythm get to me / It will take all of me / I'll lose track of space and time."

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Like any true dance track, there's a build up and a heavy drop, and this one will keep you moving through its ebbs and flows. While we endorse the safe listening of all music, we do suggest that you let this rhythm enter your system and take it over. Will you let "The Rhythm" get into you or will you be able to compose yourself? Take a listen to MNEK's latest offering and let us know how it makes you feel.

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