Go Between The Sheets With Teyana Taylor In 'Broken Hearted Girl' Teaser


G.O.O.D. Music's Teyana Taylor is teasing us with a the preview of her upcoming video for "Broken Hearted Girl" featuring Fabolous. The songstress has no choice but to get sultry as she dons nothing but silky, red sheets. Squirming seductively across the bed, Teyana sings about wanting her significant other ASAP. "We ain't gotta waste time going out on dates / We ain't gotta count down 'til you come to my place," she sings, which is hands down music to someone's ears. We're not sure where the broken heart comes in because the visuals suggest that she's doing just fine. We can only hope that whoever she's waiting for shows up because we know that any man or woman who watches this video would easily fill that slot.

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Deemed #TeyanaTuesdays, the singer has been releasing short videos every Tuesday to give us a taste of what we can expect from her upcoming album. VII finally debuts on November 4th and if this video is any indication of what we can expect, then it just may be our new baby-making soundtrack. Check out the clip of Teyana between the sheets as we twiddle our thumbs until next Tuesday.

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