Wait No Longer For Noel Gourdin’s ‘Patience’ Video


Noel Gourdin’s City Heart, Southern Soul album has won us over at SBHQ with its throwback, feel-good jams. From the solo effort “Heaven Knows” to the “No Worries (Remix),” each tune feels classic and fresh as the same time.

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What’s more, Gourdin just released a new music video for the song “Patience.” In the clip, Noel and his lady love get ready to enjoy some time out and about together. But that’s when the flashbacks begin, transitioning from full-color visuals to back-in-the-day black and white. The first stop is during the couple’s first date, where Noel dropped a little bit of paper to get a guitar-playing street performer to play a little something for his lady.

It’s a sweet gesture, but things get a bit more grown-up during the “Two Months Later” flashback, where the two pose for selfies and Gourdin surprises his woman with a carriage ride. But he remains patient, settling — and satisfied — with a hug after the fun night out. “A Few Weeks Later,” Noel cooks up a little candlelit dinner for two and politely pulls out her chair before they enjoy some wine and a little bit of cuddle time. But while things could get real grown and sexy at this point, it’s Gourdin that pumps the brakes as the night winds to an end.

Then days, weeks, maybe even months later, we return to the beginning scene, where we see the pair are still together and still as smitten as during their first date. It’s a cute clip and a nice, romantic showcase that will surely provide a few lessons for some of our readers.

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