See What Keyshia Cole Does In The 'Heat Of Passion'

Keyshia Cole Heat Of Passion Still

Keyshia Cole pulled a Beyoncé and recorded a video for almost every song on her recent album, premiering the clips online and on BET's 106 & Park. The latest video to drop is for the emotional (and probably highly biographical) track "Heat Of Passion." The visual actually serves as a continuation of her previously released clip for "Intro (Last Tango)," in which the bikini-clad singer packs her ish and leaves her unhappy home.

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Picking up where we left off, we now see Keyshia speeding down the road as her hair blows in the wind and she sings about how she discovered her man was unfaithful. Being that Keyshia has said that she freestyled a lot of this album's lyrics (which is pretty apparent on this track in particular), the detail that she goes into here will obviously send tongues wagging ("You took 'round the corner by the condo, I know which hotel," she begins before going through a laundry list of damning evidence).

Meanwhile, we see Keyshia's man (played by America's Next Top Model alum Don Benjamin) suffering in the aftermath of her departure. While she warns her man that he'd better have emergency services on speed dial throughout the song, it seems that it's really himself that he needs to be worried about, with a the video ending in a somewhat shocking, but not at all surprising way. Sneak a peek at the clip right here to see what happens.

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