K. Michelle Explains It All With #AWBAH Album Trailer

K Michelle AWBAH Album Trailer

K. Michelle is taking an interesting route with the promotion of her sophomore album. She has given us the lead single “Love ‘Em All” and its accompanying lyric video while also allowing us another look into her life through her new VH1 show. And now she has hit us with an unexpected, yet impressive video trailer for her forthcoming album, which she has teased for weeks with the #AWBAH hashtag.

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The beautiful clip finds K. tiptoeing through a house in a lace gown, watching every aspect of her life fall apart. As she continues down the hallway and to the stairs, we begin to see some nasty tweets about the “Can’t Raise a Man” singer’s life choices and decisions. As always, K. continues to push past it all and finds herself taking a seat in a lavish Rolls Royce as she opens her mouth and utters a phrase that brings the whole campaign together: “Anybody wanna buy a heart?”

Just when we were beginning to think that she had chosen the oddest album title of the year, she pulls it all together. We are totally on board for Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart and looking forward to what K. Michelle is bringing as she’s clearly growing artistically with this album.

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