Goapele Is As 'Strong As Glass,' So Handle With Care


Goapele's fifth studio album, Strong As Glass, is in stores now and already in heavy rotation around SBHQ. If you've been listening like we have, then you, too, have heard the Bay Area songstress serving us everything from decadent dance floor grooves to hearty, heartfelt slow jams on this new collection. But if you have yet to listen to the album, then this side eye's for you. While we're judging you, however, you can catch up right here with the album's title cut.

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On "Strong As Glass," Goapele acknowledges that she's strong, she's tough and she can weather whatever storms come her way, but, much like a piece of glass, she's not unbreakable. Sure, she's a "strong Black woman," but she's a human, not a superhero. The song is a powerful testament to the notion that women are strong and can do it all, but sometimes we just need a break before we break -- and that is not a sign of weakness. It's no wonder that Goapele shared with us that this is her favorite song on the album, because it's close to being this writer's fave as well.

Listen to the empowering "Strong As Glass" right here, and if you're compelled to make a purchase, Goapele's stellar Strong As Glass album can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and wherever good music is sold.

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