Dawn Richard Still Wants To 'Blow' You Away

Dawn Richard Blow Video

Dawn Richard wants to let it be known that she isn’t just sitting around collecting unemployment checks. While Danity Kane’s unfortunate farewell album DK3 is making its mark on the music industry this week, former member Richard is going full speed ahead with her solo endeavors as she has announced her forthcoming Blackheart album. Sharing the good news via Instagram with quite an interesting piece of cover art, Dawn informed her friends and fans that the album is in full swing and will be released this coming January.

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Just in case you thought it was a game, the “86’" singer broke out her best boomkats and eight counts in a brand new video for the lead single “Blow.” As with all of her work, “Blow” is visually stunning and artistically-driven so to speak, but I can’t help but cringe at the sound of the term “thot” coming from the mouth of a grown woman. With that being said, Dawn has found a great blend of ratchetivity and art for her younger and more mature fans to get into. Catch a glimpse at what she’s serving up and look out for more from the former Danity Kane star as the New Year approaches.

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