We're Not Exactly In Love With Jessie Ware's 'Say You Love Me' Video


Jessie Ware is wasting no time in rolling out the singles and videos for tracks from her upcoming album Tough Love, but I do wish that more time -- or at least more thought -- was taken with the visuals for "Say You Love Me." I don't know what exactly I was expecting from the clip for this solemn song about a lost love, but it surely wasn't Jesse sitting on a man-made rock formation on a stage in front of a photo backdrop with palm trees and more rocks, which is what we have here. The video's setting leaves a lot to be desired, and it's also light on the action, with Jessie's emotive face providing the majority of it. Even when the gospel choir drops in on the bridge, the most we see is a change in the lighting. "Say You Love Me" is still a beautiful albeit sad song, but the video didn't have to be such a sad state of affairs.

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