Sisqo & Waka Flocka Show Us How To Party Like The 'A-List'


While chilling in the VIP section, Dru Hill frontman Sisqo found the time to release the visuals for his latest single "A-List." Featuring rapper Waka Flocka, the video is unfortunately what we expected. The two are popping bottles and partying, clapping their hands throughout the video, while their female companions clap other things. Blink and you'll miss the woman brandishing fire for no reason at all. While Waka Flocka raps, Sisqo decides to unleash the dragon in the form of some low-energy choreography, at some point even hitting the Nae Nae. We get mixed shots of Sisqo partying, dancing and flaunting his blinged out dragon chain, with no shirt on, of course.

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There are plenty of Ciroc bottles to go around in this video but not enough dance moves nor variety to keep us interested in staying at this party. Although the single itself leaves more to be desired, the bounce beat was a great set up for some high-energy choreography from Sisqo, who has flown and done acrobatics while singing about something as simple as thongs. While we can't find it this video, maybe we'll find it in his next one as he still has more music to release from upcoming album The Last Dragon. Watch the video and let us know if you're staying at this "A-List" party with Sisqo and Waka Flocka or going home early.

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