Home Is Where Russell Taylor's 'Hope' Is


Get ready for some warm and fuzzy feelings to be activated when you watch Russell Taylor's music video for "Hope." On the single, he sings about conquering the world with his significant other and the power of love, and in the video Taylor's world is filled with lots of it as he plays a family man with a wife and beautiful, bouncing baby girl. Throughout the clip he is smitten with the two ladies in his life as they do normal day-to-day activities like eat breakfast and go for a walk. There's additional footage of RT singing mixed into the black-and-white visuals, but it's the heartwarming scenes of Russell as a husband and father that steal the show and give more meaning to the lyrics.

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We can only "Hope" that there's more feel-goodness from Russell Taylor where this came from, and we'll surely find out when his new album War of Hearts is released.

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