MNEK Gets Wild For 'In Your Clouds'

MNEK In Your Clouds Still

MNEK has a knack for giving visuals just as colorful and creative as the songs that he creates. We've been thoroughly entertained by his clips for "Every Little Word You Say" and "Wrote A Song About You," and he's had us waiting to see what we would see from him next. Well his next is here with the clip for his throwback jam "In Your Clouds." It's another kaleidoscopic joint from the singer, except this time he's not seen in the video at all. Instead, we're treated to colorful views of different members of the animal kingdom as select lyrics from the song are displayed across the screen.

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It's quite an unusual way for a new artist to present a music video, but it actually works for the song, allowing us to focus on the feel-good vibes and lyrics of the song. As well, the colorful animations, which include multicolored animal prints, smoke and, of course, clouds also help to interpret the song's lyrics a bit (and it seems that this one is all about finding that "higher" love, if you catch our drift).

Take a colorful trip with MNEK, and check out "In Your Clouds" right here.

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