Mary J. Blige Takes Us Into Her 'London Sessions' With 'Right Now'


Queen Mary J. Blige will not be dethroned any time soon. After dropping an album of all-new material disguised as the Think Like A Man Too soundtrack in June, MJB will extend her reign as MVP with the November release of her second project this year, The London Sessions. As the title suggests, this record was recorded in London and finds Mary working with a few SoulBounce faves from that part of the world, including Disclosure and Sam Smith.

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Blige has been subtly hinting at this collection all year with collaborations with both acts on revamped versions of "F For You" and "Stay With Me." We should have known when we heard these songs and how Mary managed to fit right in like a perfect puzzle piece that there was more where these came from, and there most certainly is. Now we have the first listen of the debut single from The London Sessions, and it's everything you'd expect from all this transatlantic star power.

"Right Now" features Disclosure on production and the Lawrence brothers sharing writing credit with Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes. Disclosure dials back the heavy house/club vibes that they've come to be known for on this production, but the track is still heavy on the synths and electronic elements to create a two-step worthy groove. Everything comes together to complement Mary's vocals as she lets her insignificant other know a thing or five in true MJB fashion.

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Take "Right Now" for a spin right here as we suddenly find ourselves impatiently waiting to hear more from The London Sessions and what other hotness Mary and company have cooked up to reinvigorate her sound. Stay tuned to her new website for more details in the coming weeks and months.

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