K. Michelle Rocks Out In 'Love 'Em All'

K Michelle Peace Sign

One man isn't enough for K. Michelle as she's breaking hearts left and right in her newest single "Love 'Em All." We've watched the Love & Hip Hop star share her own heartbreak on the reality show, and now she's giving the fellas a taste of their own medicine. On the new single, our girl Kimberly sings about running through men and mending her broken heart with the help of several rebounds, confidently and shamelessly declaring, "I broke another heart today." She shows us more of her rebellious side in the pop- and rock-infused song with a nasty guitar riff and pounding percussion in the background as she sings, "They think I love 'em / but I love 'em all / love 'em all / I need another one to get over the other one / other one / yeah, yeah."

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Though we don't know where she had the time to sample all these fellas since she's been in the studio working on her next album, K. Michelle showcases her consistently strong vocals on the track while giving us something new to rock to and showing us how ruthless love can be. While you're waiting for K. Michelle to call you back and we wait for her next single, you can purchase "Love 'Em All" on iTunes today. Listen to the track and let us know if you love K. Michelle or love her not.

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