Jessie J Gets 'Personal' With Us


Without a doubt, and whether you like it or not, Jessie J has one of the strongest voices in the industry right now. She can effortlessly belt out anything she ever so pleases and whether club banger or ballad, she never loses momentum. Compared to her recent singles "Bang Bang" and "Burnin' Up," her latest offering is what you'd hear after Jessie's left the stage and is winding down in her dressing room. The songstress slows it down a tad in "Personal," singing lyrics that sound like a diary entry. "I'm not a liar, just didn't know to tell you the truth," she sings. "All we need is time, we don't know what we do what we do, but we do/Just don't know what I'm trying to prove."

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Although Jessie has nothing to prove at all, she gets really honest and tender, showing a side of her we haven't seen in a while. As she gears up for her October 13th (UK) and 14th (US) debut of upcoming album Sweet Talker, the strategic releases of bangers and ballads will definitely ensure that we eventually click 'purchase.' Get personal with Jessie J and let us know if she sings her way to your heart or out the door.

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