Goapele Hollers 'Hey Boy' At Snoop Dogg


Well, it looks like Goapele is taking her summer stunner "Hey Boy" into the crisp of the fall season, just that this time she's getting a little boost from none other than Snoop Dogg. Yes, Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, or Snoop Whatever) does his smooth operator bit for the official remix of "Hey Boy," and, not surprisingly, he slides easily into the disco dizzy as his laid-back vocals take the place of the song's original chopped n' screwed callback. Though the set-up may feel a little dated, Snoop's sly charms flirt wonderfully well with Goapele's saucy sweetness, and his appearance smooths down the song's edges just a bit. In fact, I personally like this version better than the original.

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Unlike other singer-rapper collaborations, Snoop adds more than he subtracts, especially when he lets his signature relaxed flow come out to purr. But "Hey Boy" is still the feisty groove it was from jump, and it further piques interest towards Goapele's upcoming Strong Like Glass project, not to mention extends the Bay Area songstress' listening base as her adopting a more up-tempo sound was a wise choice. We'll have to wait till October 21st for the purported genre-bending Strong Like Glass to arrive, but in the meantime, allow Snoop to take Goapele for a spin on the dance floor, and listen in as they teasingly play hard-to-get.

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