Estelle's Got 'Something Good' For Us To Hear

Estelle Camo Pants

Estelle will be delivering True Romance this fall, but before she does, she has "Something Good" to share with us. That's the name of the latest track from the set, and it takes a decidedly different course than her previous single, the soaring ballad "Conqueror."

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Premiering first on Entertainment Weekly, the track finds the "good" in "goodbye," with Estelle singing about feeling great after a recent heartbreak. "I was hurt for so long, doesn't matter who was right, doesn't matter who was wrong/All that matters is I'm back where I belong," she starts off. From there, she kicks it "I Will Survive" style, letting us know that she won't let a little trouble in paradise keep her down. While admittedly Estelle's vocal here leaves a bit to be desired, the track feels too nice to be to mad about. She turns to a house-inspired rhythm led by hard-hitting programmed drums and a piano riff for a vibe that'll will have you flashing back to the R&B-influenced house scene of the early '90s.

With "Conqueror" and "Something Good" sounding very different, it remains to be seen what exactly we can expect when Estelle drops True Romance on November 4th.

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