Will You Be 'Down' With Epique's Sam Smith Remix?

Sam Smith Epique Lay Me Down Cover

Sam Smith's brand of pop/R&B, featuring big ballads and his soaring vocals, has caught the ear of many, which explains why the UK crooner went from British pop star to international phenomenon. That kind of attention also garners the attention of remixers, many of which have put their own spin on Smith's tracks from his debut, In the Lonely Hour.

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Electronic producer Epique is one of those remixers. He takes album track "Lay Me Down" and mixes in some elements of trap to shake things up a little bit. Sam Smith and trap? you might be thinking, but I'm here to assuage your fears. Epique incorporates a mellow piano with the high-octane programmed drums, offering up a cool combination that somehow works well together.

Epique is giving away this remix for free on his SoundCloud page, where you can also find more straightforward EDM remixes of tracks like "Holy Grail" and "Thrift Shop" as well as originals if you're so inclined. But first, check out the magic he works with Sam Smith right here.

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