The ‘Birthday Girl’ Has A Surprise For Raleigh Ritchie


What’s better than a surprise on your birthday? Maybe a surprise release from Raleigh Ritchie of his previously unreleased song entitled “Birthday Girl”? The artist gifted fans with the track this week, and it’s another song that fits into the Brit’s alt-R&B aesthetic.

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“Birthday Girl” begins with faint music box-like sounds twinkling in the background that segue into an orchestral intro that builds until Raleigh starts singing atop a strumming guitar, airy synths and drumbeat. Lyrically, he seems sad, sorry and confused in the song about a rocky relationship. There’s a lot of uncertainty in his voice while he questions everything and wonders out loud why the subject of this track is so angry with him. She’s angry enough to lay hands — and maybe even worse — all because he missed her birthday. Does Raleigh survive her violent rage, or will he fade away as the song fades out? It sounds like the surprise was on him.

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