Kem Wants You To Know 'It's You' & Only You

Kem Its You Still

With his Promise to Love in stores now, Kem is sure to keep lovers grooving together for quite some time to come. To add more sweetness to the moment, Kem has also released the video for the album's lead single, "It's You."

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As with most of Kem's visual work, the video is a celebration of love. He appears smiling and singing throughout the clip as he wears both casual outfits and a more dressed up look. Likewise, his leading lady is beautifully dressed to the nines as she cozies up to the singer. But as handsome as the two look together, the main focus of the video is love, and it's got plenty of it. Couples of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds are shown smiling and happily in love as they dance to Kem's soothing groove. Sure, we've seen this template from Kem before, but does love ever get old? Not at all.

Start your day off with some soothing soul and, most importantly, a little bit of love by watching the clip for "It's You." And make sure you show Kem some of that love by picking up Promise to Love today as well.

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