Jennifer Hudson Shows Her 'Dangerous' Side

Jennifer Hudson Smoldering Glare

Jennifer Hudson's upcoming JHUD will see the singer take on a much more danceable vibe with her sound, as proven by recent singles "I Can't Describe (The Way I Feel)," "Walk It Out" and "It's Your World." And now Jennifer is ready to show us just how "Dangerous" she can be. The latest leak from the set finds the singer playing with fire as she sings about a man who makes her feel alive with his bad boy ways.

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If the groove sounds a bit familiar, it's because it was one of the short snippets that Jennifer released on her sampler a little over a month ago. Featuring one of the better uptempo vocals from JHud, the song is a modern take on early '80s R&B with its party-ready percussion, chugging bass line and synths. "I do it for the thrill/Even if kills," she sings on the chorus with a leather-jacket swagger as she details her addiction to love in the fast lane. And just in case you didn't get how much she loves flirting with danger, she breaks it down in the middle of the track, whispering "I dare you, break the rules." Get it then, Ms. Hudson.

Obviously we can't wait until we can get JHUD in our hands and on our playlists. Luckily, we won't have to wait long as the entire set will be released on September 23rd (and it can be pre-ordered now). While you get your dancing shoes ready, get "Dangerous" with Jennifer and listen to the track below.

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