Jade Novah Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston With #ToWhitneyLoveJade


In what seems like a lofty undertaking comes an effortless mashup of 11 of Whitney Houston's greatest hits in one track. Actress, comedienne and songstress Jade Novah brings us "#ToWhitneyLoveJade," which covers some of Whitney's most memorable hits. Novah teamed up with producer Devin Johnson for an eight-minute walk down Nippy Lane to celebrate the late great diva's birthday on August 9th. Backed by a talented band, Novah draws you in right off the bat with "I Have Nothing," which sets us up for a well-crafted blend of tracks including "Greatest Love Of All," "How Will I Know" and "When You Believe."

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Novah naturally ends her tribute with "I Will Always Love You," stretching her vocals to bring a close to a worthy performance. The mashup is thoughtful, heartwarming and makes for a great listen from top to bottom. The singer, well known for her Beyoncé spoofs, presents an endearing side of herself we wouldn't mind hearing more often. Listen to and download Novah's tribute to our beloved Nippy to see if "#ToWhitneyLoveJade" makes it to your playlists or if, like crack, the track is wack.

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