Angie Fisher Is On The Money With 'I.R.S.'


Hidden Beach have introduced their latest label artist, Angie Fisher, but trust me when I say that she needs no introduction. With a voice that has guts, heart, soul and grit, all that is needed is to press play and hold tight. Her debut single "I.R.S." is a soulful and bluesy number that sees Fisher lamenting over financial woes with her powerful, emotive vocals. Effortlessly evoking feelings of pain, heartache and resilience, Fisher grabs a hold of listeners from her first note and does not let go until her last jaw dropping note, some 2 minutes and 55 seconds later.

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"I.R.S." is a B. Slade remake and leaves little doubt that Angie Fisher is one vocalist who knows how to convey a story through song, add to that production by Ro and Sauce and you have a painfully mesmerizing number that cuts to the core. Once you've been gripped by Fisher's gritty tale you'll likely want more, so head over to iTunes to grab a copy of "I.R.S." for yourself.

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