Shameem Bares Her 'Beautiful Soul'


Australian artist Shameem was introduced to the SoulBounce audience as Bounce-Worthy back in 2011, with her signature jazz-inflected R&B style making us stop in our tracks. It's now three years on, and she's back with a new single and a new music video. "Beautiful Soul" is a feel-good number that tackles the impact of adults' behavior on the innocent, pure spirits of children. The powerful message is set to a classic R&B styling with a catchy hook and filled out with a live band feel, a refreshing change from the electronic sound that's prevalent in R&B nowadays.

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The video, meanwhile, portrays pre-teen and teenage children interacting at a skate park, doing the things that kids do, until an adult intrudes and dampens the mood somewhat. But with a voice like Shameem's, "Beautiful Soul" is anything but a dampener. The video and single will uplift your spirit and have you grooving from the moment you press play.

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