MNEK Is In A '90s Kinda World For 'Wrote A Song About You'

MNEK Wrote A Song Still

As we grow impatient wait for MNEK to drop his long-anticipated debut set, he keeps us on our toes with the video release for his latest single, "Wrote A Song About You." Of all the wonderful things the UK crooner has plastered his panache on these last couple of years, from the collaborations to the refixes and even his previous single, "Every Little Word," "Wrote A Song About You" is probably my favorite as it resurrects and combines all the rhythmic and yearning goodness of '90s house and New Jack Swing without ringing a false note. The visual for it also doesn't lax in revitalizing the era as its a technicolor treat that feels as if we wandered into the opening credits of Saved By The Bell as its awash with neon scribbles and shapes making for a retro pop art feast to view. I'm in agreement with Ivory, it's getting difficult to come up with words to describe how dope we here at SBHQ think this cat is, but here I am conjuring up more praise as the train of MNEK just keeps on chugging along, firmly on track with no signs of stopping.

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