James Fauntleroy Gets Lost In The Moment On 'Mo'nin'

James Fauntleroy With Sword

It seems like the music never stops with James Fauntleroy and we’re not complaining about it at all. After slowly unleashing his String Theory Acoustic project earlier this year and announcing a duet album with India Shawn, the “Part II (On The Run)” writer has already started releasing singles for something new that he’s calling The Coldest Summer Ever.

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He’s starting off this time around with a song called “Mo’nin,” which finds him replacing his acoustic guitar for an electric one and crooning a simple love song about getting it on early in the morning with the help of producer Happy Perez. “Took all of my strength/Is this what made me forget?/Is this why I’m soaking wet?” he sings. Fauntleroy just knows exactly what to say and how to say it. There aren’t many words to explain a sound so simple yet awe-striking. At this point, this dude can pick up a guitar and recite the alphabet, and we’d still be willing to purchase it.

Stream “Mo’nin” right here, and get lost with us as Fauntleroy strums up more magical tunes for his forthcoming release The Coldest Summer Ever.

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