India Shawn Believes In Coldplay's 'Magic'


It seems that Coldplay may have unwittingly created a crossover hit with their song “Magic.” Judging by the sudden surge of R&B artists releasing cover versions, at least. This month alone, we’ve heard outstanding renditions by MNEK and Brandy. Now we can add India Shawn to the roster as well.

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Currently on tour with Anthony David and Emily King, the Atlanta native had already been performing the cover during her shows when she finally decided to record and release it for mass consumption. Unfortunately, her version was released on the same day as Brandy’s, so it initially slipped under quite a few radars. And the similarities don’t end with the release date. Both singers stay very close to the original instrumentation and vocal arrangement, though India opts for a higher key (and almost seems to channel Mya at some points). Bad timing and similarities aside, though, it’s still an enjoyable (if safe) rendition. Bran’ Nu even showed her some love in the Twitterverse, so it’s all good. Hmmm…with both ladies working on new albums, maybe they should consider a collaboration and create some musical magic of their own.

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