Fall In 'Love? Yeah!' With J*DaVeY All Over Again


Just the other day I was listening to a mix, and J*DaVeY's "Mr. Mister" came on and I nearly lost my mind recalling how much I loved this group and missed hearing their brand of new wave R&B. Well, I'll miss them no more thanks to their new song hitting the world today and bowling everyone over with their return. Brook D'Leau and Miss Jack are back to hit us with futuristic on "Love? Yeah!," and they haven't missed a beat, picking up with the synth-heavy, trippy sounds that they've come to be known and loved for.

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D'Leau, who's been busy on tour and working with Miguel, lays the sonic foundation for Miss Jack to profess her undying love to her significant other. "Me and you together is so magical, it's actual/I am so in love, yeah," she sings on the chorus. This track may be a love song, but it's no slow jam as J*DaVeY have an all-out party and invite Def Sound along who spits a hot and dirty 16. This jam is poised to set off many a sweaty summer function as it's added to DJ sets and personal playlists and live well beyond this season amongst their other hits.

Get into J*DaVeY's new groove right here or on SoundCloud where you can cop the free download, then bounce on over to their website to watch a "visualizer" of the song and a brief studio interview with the dynamic duo. Rest assured that there is more hotness to come from these two.

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