Electric Wire Hustle Take Us 'To The Sky' With Their New 'Look'

Electric Wire Hustle Red Light

One of the reasons that we around here dig New Zealand outfit Electric Wire Hustle so much is that their sound harkens back to the warm, smooth soul of some of our 1970s favorites. We got a bit of that on their recent If These Are The Last Days EP, but we're getting a heaping helping of it on the group's latest taste from their upcoming album, Love Can Prevail.

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"Look In The Sky" finds EWH vocalist Mara TK once again channeling his inner Marvin Gaye with warm, honeyed vocals that pull you in to the track. Speaking of, the song is actually a two-fer, with the first half being a plaintive cry that "happiness is coming our way" as Mara sings over a melancholy loop before fading to the song's second half, where this bad boy really comes alive. Soul-soaked strings and bass come together to provide ample support for Mara's vocal, sounding like what would happen if Curtis Mayfield had produced for Marvin Gaye back in their '70s heydays. In other words, it's soulful perfection.

"Look In The Sky" is being released as a single in tandem with "By & Bye," which is available on iTunes right now, while Love Can Prevail, the duo's second album, will be available September 8th. Get into "Look In The Sky" right here when you press play.

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