Andre 3000 Reveals A Different 'Side' In New Jimi Hendrix Film

All Is By My Side Trailer Still

An OutKast reunion album and solo project isn't the only thing we've been waiting to come from Andre 3000's way. We've also been waiting what seems like a short eternity to see the rapper/actor portray rock royalty in the much talked about Jimi Hendrix biopic. Taking center stage in the critically acclaimed movie, Andre is already earning rave reviews behind his portrayal of the iconic musician in Jimi: All Is By My Side. Slated for release in the early fall, the film is already generating massive amounts of buzz behind its creation alone -- ranging from creative issues with licensing Hendrix's music down to the creative costume styling and range of acting from all the performers -- and now we have the film's first official trailer.

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From our first official peek at the movie, we see the the biopic starting at the heart of Jimi's transition to London from New York, where Hendrix was already a well established guitar player for multiple bands, including a very early incarnation of The Isley Brothers. Taking his fame and light to the next level, we follow Hendrix's story as he conquers the music industry while fighting the inevitable demons of drugs, rock and roll and racism in the 1960s. Fresh from his Oscar win for Best Adapted Screenplay 12 Years A Slave, you can see the influence of John Ridley throughout the cinematography of the film, making it a visual feast for the senses. Hopefully the trailer will give you enough to hold onto as we await an official release date.

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