You Can't 'Imagine' Where CHΞSS Takes This John Lennon Classic


It's hard to believe that John Lennon released "Imagine" over 40 years ago. While many things may have evolved and changed since that time, some things haven't. For one, the song's message is as pertinent to society now as it was back then, which has helped the song remain a timeless classic. Giving this ageless track a modern update is CHΞSS, who's becoming a regular here at SoulBounce HQ thanks to his nu soul re-workings of classic tracks by artists such as The Eagles and Tears For Fears. CHΞSS takes Lennon's powerful yet simple lyrics and sweetly sings them over a heavy driving beat and distorted electric guitar. The result is a track that builds and grows, propelling Lennon's message of peace into the 21st century and into a new demographic. If you'd like to add this latest CHΞSS cover to your growing collection, be sure to grab the free download from SoundCloud.

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