Syleena Johnson Is A Woman On The Edge In 'Perfectly Worthless'


R&B Divas: Atlanta star Syleena Johnson is a woman scorned in her music video for recently released single “Perfectly Worthless.” Not only does she bring the drama on the reality show, but she also plays it up pretty well while acting in this clip. The video, directed by Tangie B. Moore, depicts the spiraling relationship between Johnson and her significant other. The montage starts out with a ring and pure bliss and ends with couples counseling sessions and Johnson sitting outside of his new house drunk and distraught. Hey, we've all been there. Or nah? You do have to be at a low point in your relationship to declare it’s lack of worth, and sing it so well might I add, but you can either heal from it or let it affect you mentally.

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In this case, Johnson illustrates how her emotional turmoil takes a toll on her psyche and how it ultimately affects everyone else. The video comes with a viewer warning at the beginning, and once ish gets real at the very end, a hotline number flashes on screen for those in similar distress to use. We applaud Johnson for touching on this taboo topic in this video, which marks the first in a collection of short films that bring Chapter 6 to life. If future visuals bring as much shock and drama as this one, we're actually not sure how much we can take.

Speaking of this new chapter, we only have a few months to go before we actually get Johnson’s Chapter 6: Couples Therapy this October. But while you're still here, watch Johnson take it all the way there in her video for “Perfectly Worthless.”

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