Strawberry Jam Makes It Sweet & Mysterious With A 'Lot More Livin'


Of course, going by the name Strawberry Jam already sets this duo up for high, and, well, sweet expectations, but one listen to their single "Lot More Livin'" dashes away any and all misgivings. Managing to combine a melange of horns, synthesizers, percussion and guitars into a lulling sea of misty soulful ambiance, "Lot More Livin'" isn't your usual eclectic mood piece. This mysterious composition has multiple layers to it, and peel back each one you will as the song builds and builds with jolts of horns guiding you through its winding maze.

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Even more curious is the duo itself, as public information about them is limited at the moment and they're maintaining an air of mystery around them. Although we happen to know who the players are, we'll keep the secret as long as they do. So if you love a good mystery (and a no-strings free download), then Strawberry Jam's "Lot More Livin'" is one you'll love to try to decipher.

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