Shamir Introduces Us To 'A Man'


Nineteen-year-old Las Vegas native Shamir Bailey, known professionally simply as Shamir, is searching inward in his trippy “Sometimes a Man” music video. Seen at times scaling a rugged mountainside or walking through a cave, he seeks solace in nature, or perhaps distance from the hazy and chaotic life that permeates the city of Las Vegas. Directed by Anthony Sylvester, the video bursts with color and special effects against stark images of an expansive landscape.

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With a distinct voice -- airy, high, almost floating -- it’s as though Shamir is trying to personally connect with us, while reflecting on his own identity and that it’s beautiful to be unique. The lyrics are lonely yet assured, and the beat is profoundly danceable and confident. “We are slaves trapped inside our own fields”, Shamir preaches to his listeners.

This video is just a glimpse into the exceptional proficiency and potential Shamir has as a musician and artist. For more tunes, be sure to check out his Northtown EP, available now on iTunes.

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