Sango Gives Tinashe's 'Vulnerable' A Softer Edge

Tinashe Midriff

Tinashe's gritty alt-R&B jam "Vulnerable" is a dark, brooding yet erotic cut from the up-and-coming "2 On" singer. And while that rough edge made the track pretty interesting, sometimes you just want a bit of a softer touch. That's where our boy Sango comes in. The Seattle-born beatsmith has been spinning tracks into gold ever since he's stepped on to the scene, and what he's done with "Vulnerable" is no different.

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Stripping away the original's brooding bass synths and sparse production and most of guest rapper Travis Scott's dirty little contribution (only the "hol' up" ad lib remains), Sango softens the track just a bit with slightly warmer synths and a booming 808 bump for a sound that's more satin and silk than the original's whips and chains. Yet, even with a lighter feel, the erotically-charged lyrics still manage to get their point across, with Tinashe's command on the chorus still carrying a sense of urgency.

So which do you prefer: the rough and ready original or Sango's softer, more sensual remix? Take a listen to Sango's take on "Vulnerable," which he's offering as a free download, and decide for yourself.

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